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Every new project when reached us requires new technical solutions and their feasibility is tested through the creation of samples and prototypes. So you can know about the technologies that we use to frame your ideas into models. Precision, quality and perfection are created by the interaction of technology and our long lasting manual experience as model makers.

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Preparing architectural model is THE WAY to present you how your project will REALLY look. Our designs are so easy to understand by those who don’t know anything about two or three dimensional drawings and renderings. We take the best out of time and technology to make our customers highly gratified with the designs we deliver to them. We use various laser cutting techniques that allow us to create complicated designs and highly detailed cuts in all materials like plastic, wood, acrylic, fabric and non metallic materials. Basically, laser cutting is the techniques that allow cutting of any kind of materials used in preparing architecture designs. Our expert’s sharp eyes know how to model the best and suitable designs for our customers in very high precision of quality.